General StatsName: Demonic Pagan
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Race: Miqo'te
Omni-gatherer, Omni-crafter, Adventurer, Mentor
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single and looking
Personality Traits

  • Questions almost everything to understand

  • Quiet at first but easily opens up

  • Spontaneously acts a fool at times

  • Wears his heart on his sleeve

  • Enjoys helping others expecting nothing in return

General StatsHeight: 5 fulms 3 ilms
Weight: 125 ponze
Tail: Fluffy blue
Hair: Blue with green highlights
Eyes: One light blue, one green
Tattoos: Yes, on the back of the neck


  • Cuddles

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Communication

  • Attention

  • Company of others

  • Disrespect

  • Liars

  • Toxicity

  • The evil Empire

  • Solitude

Personal Information

Demonic Pagan for most of his life lived at the Mizzenmast Inn located in Limsa Lominsa until he found group of people he was able to call family. He still occasionally will visit Limsa Lominsa to see what is going on and possibly meet new folks there.
The Mist, Limsa Lominsa
(Ward 10, Plot 5)
This location was home to the group of people that took him in and that he called home. They named themselves the Haven for Heroes and took in all types of misfits. When Demonic Pagan was able to accrue the fund necessary, he purchased a room inside their residence that was mostly open to visitors as a sanctuary.
Empyreum, Foundation
(Ward 1, Plot 30)
This is Demonic's new home after being evicted from his previous Free Company due to unforeseen differences and accusations. His new residence is the Morgenstern Estate located in the Empyreum. Though Demonic will miss the beach view, he'll enjoy a fresh start away from what was plaguing him because of his ex-partner. A new life and adventure awaits!
Shirogane, Kugane
(Ward 19, Plot 49)
After much searching, Demonic has finally purchased a house. It is a lovely beachfront property in Shirogane. Demonic spends a lot of time here relaxing when he is not busy adventuring. He is able to take quite the load off especially if a certain Au'ra stops by for the night. Demonic welcomes everyone to stop by and check out his residence and leave a message in his guest book.


Demonic Pagan, a member of the Keepers of the Moon, Miqo'te, clan has his nameday on the 31st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. Both of his parents were a prestigious part of the clan and did what they could to help others. His clan was located in The Black Shroud. His parents died while he was a child during the Calamity and as such, he doesn't remember much more about them.Demonic Pagan carries on his parents' legacy by assisting his fellow Eorzeans by acting as a Mentor. He has honed his skills as an omni-crafter and omni-gatherer to be able to assist the various people he meets through his travels. Demonic grew up with a fascination towards rapiers and magic and that drew him towards becoming a red mage to join the many Warriors of Light. When and if the time calls for it, he will also draw a gunblade, scythe, a variety of throwing weapons, but mainly some form of chakram, or nouliths. With these weapons, you can find Demonic assisting his fellow adventurers as a gunbreaker, reaper, dancer, or sage in battles.In Demon's spare time when he isn't working on honing his skills in other jobs, he spends his time attending various venues around Eorzea to meet new people and release any pent up steam accrued through his travels.

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